Wednesday, May 27, 2015

All the World's a Stage

"Comedy is acting out optimism." ~ Robin Williams

Many of my readers will remember Truman's struggle with Selective Mutism, an anxiety disorder which rendered him virtually silent for three years. He could speak only to a couple of his close friends, his brother and sister, and his parents. He never said a word to his teachers. Not even his grandparents heard his voice. 

Last night in the school play, Truman played a Hercules beetle (hence the Beatles t-shirt - his idea), a staring role, with lines in every scene. Although he felt a bit nervous, you'd never have known: he nailed it!

My kids are drawn to the stage. It's in their blood, for their grandfather spent his life in the theater. Truman never got to meet Andy's dad - the man Geneva called GranDavey - but he displays his picture prominently on his bedside table. Truman's most prized possession is GranDavey's hat, the hat that he wore in the play, "so it'll be like he's with me," Truman said.  

Davey Marlin-Jones would have been thrilled to watch his grandson act with such passion, silliness, and confidence, just as I am thrilled to recognize a bit of Davey's exuberant spirit in Truman. Truman's not silent anymore.