Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sweet Synchronicity

Today a young man approached me on the patio at Burgers & Brew and introduced himself as a “huge fan.” He said that he had read “Where’s Jukie?” and told me how much he enjoyed the book. I thanked him for sharing, and as we talked, I remembered where we had once met. “Hey! Didn’t you deliver a challah loaf in the shape of a turkey to my doorstep on Thanksgiving?” Yes, he had. When he told me that he had just arrived from Chicago (where he attends college), and that he had driven straight from the Sacramento airport to Burgers & Brew to eat lunch, I told him that I was getting one last B & B fix before heading to Chicago in the morning. We laughed at the synchronicity and swapped stories of our favorite Chicago haunts.

As I biked home, I realized that I never even got his name, but I knew that he had just made my day.

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